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The Association was reformed in 2004 as a result of concern on a number of local issues. In its previous incarnation its heyday was in the 1970s when the association campaigned successfully to halt what would have been further widespread demolition of the Victorian streets. This had already begun in the southern part where the De Beauvoir Estate now stands. The association at that time also owned several houses on a cooperative basis and ran a successful newspaper.

Our area is roughly rectangular and is bounded by Balls Pond Road to the north, Kingsland Road to the east, the Regent's Canal to the south and Southgate Road to the west. This corresponds roughly to the 19th century estate of Richard Benyon de Beauvoir, who developed much of the area.

Today, we have an open membership and a committee elected at an AGM. We publish a newsletter that is distributed throughout the area about three times a year and have a calendar of social events. Our emails on local news and events two or three times a week reach about 600 local addresses. The highlight is the summer Party in the Park in the gardens of De Beauvoir Square.

Planning is a major theme and we work closely with the Kingsland Conservation Area Advisory Committee, which is consulted by Hackney Council on planning matters.

If you live locally and would like to join in, we would love to hear from you.

Kirsty, Fiona, Carol


DBA Vice-Chair Fiona Darbyshire (centre) with Chair (2012-) Kirsty Norman (left) and Carol Lee

Party 2008


Rev Julia Porter with councillors Chris McShane (centre) and Rob Chapman at the 2008 Party in the Park