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Energy saving homes in a conservation area

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  Audio files of the discussion held on 23 November 2011 on solutions to issues around energy saving solutions for homes in a conservation area.
The speakers are

Dave Raval, chair, who has transformed a Hackney house into an eco-home

Graham Loveland, Assistant Director, Planning and Regulatory Services,

at Hackney Council

Toby Darbyshire, CEO, Engensa

Robyn Pender, senior architectural conservator, English Heritage

1 Intro Dave Raval.mp3

2 Robyn Pender.mp3

3 Graham Loveland.mp3

4 Toby Darbyshire.mp3

5 Written questions inc insulation, basements.mp3

6 Questions inc cold fill, standby.mp3

7 Questions inc listed buildings.mp3

8 Questions inc affordable solutions.mp3

9 Questions inc local authority issues and wrapup.mp3