Party in the Park 2007

(For accounts, see below)

The Party in the Park on 14 July was a tremendous success. We estimate about 400 people came and, despite the poor weather in the weeks before, the sun shone for us. Having previously relied on the generosity of local businesses for sponsorship, this year we received a grant of £2,500 from Hackney Council for Voluntary Services / Team Hackney / CEN, which allowed us to do much more. All the children’s activities were free, including a drumming workshop, the bouncy castle, face painting, a wonderful magician and gifts of a toy and a book for every child. The fire brigade sent a fire engine – always a favourite – and St John Ambulance came too, as did the Police Community Support Officers. 

Organisations such as Discover, De Beauvoir Gardeners, Canine Partners, Quicksilver Theatre, St Peter’s Church and Beavers Playgroup added to the magic. We also sold cakes and drinks and a lovely ice-cream lady called Amanda came. We thank Murphy Group for providing the disabled toilet, which made the event more accessible. We have already started thinking about next year but if you have any suggestions, let us know.

Lots of people helped but the main organiser was Kathryn Moore and we owe her a great debt. The last words on the Party in the Park 2007, however must be yours:

· “The afternoon was very enjoyable and my mum enjoyed herself as well as my gran. We should have one every 3 months.”

· “We had a wonderful time. It is a great community event and the children look forward to it every year. They particularly liked the fire engine and face painting. “

· “Party in The Park was a very enjoyable day that reflects the local community and brings people together.”

· “Fantastic event. I really enjoyed it. The stall was very busy and the children made superb masks! Free books for children is such an excellent idea. Well done to everyone.”

· “Fabulous community event – plenty of kids with smiling faces”.

· “Very enjoyable fair for all – adults and children. We had great success with our stall getting signatures to prevent excessive and poorly designed new buildings on the De Beauvoir Council Estate. Lots of enthusiasm for community gardening!”

· “More community in the parks! Thanks”

· “Fantastic!!! We at the local Fire Station had a great time. The kids loved our fire engine and we loved their enthusiasm and questions about the work we do. See you next year.“

· “Really good time with lots of good things to do. Enjoyed the Pimm’s!”

· “Lovely day, very good for children. Would be great to see a BBQ and some live music for ambience and a smaller kids' bouncy castle or paddling pool. Will definitely come back next year for sure.”

· “I had a lovely time.”

· “Lovely community atmosphere – friendly, calm, happy – and the sun was even out – and reflected the disposition of the visitors”.

· “Very child-friendly, excellent services for my 5 and 3 year old. Good face painting and lovely tarts. See you next year”

Indeed, we hope to see you all next year. Please remember an event of only three hours takes many, many weeks of organising. So if you would kindly volunteer to help, it makes the work less for each member of our team and will help to ensure the Party’s longevity.  It's also a fun way to get to know the people of De Beauvoir and make new friends.

Party in The Park 2007 Accounts

We made a healthy surplus on the party, which will stand us in good stead for next year, when there is no guarantee that we will get the all-important grant.


Team Hackney / HCVS Grant                                   £2,500.00

Float carried over from 2006 Party                               £11.93

Raffle                                                                         £134.00

Book Sales                                                                 £228.28

Cakes and Ice Cream                                                £246.00

Pimms, Juice, Tea                                                       £226.94

Total                                                                     £3,347.15



Licences                                                                   £21.00

Insurance                                                              £262.50

Publicity                                                                 £594.20

Participating Organisations' Costs /

  Donations                                                            £862.00

Gazebos, Tables, Miscellaneous                           £445.93

Decorations                                                             £51.99

Refreshment Costs                                                £316.11

Postage                                                                   £10.50

Total                                                                 £2,564.23


Net profit                                                               £782.92