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Police Matters

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The DBA sends a representative to regular meetings with the police; please let us know if you want us to raise any matters.

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Reporting crime - Did you know NON-URGENT crime can be reported on the Internet?

Go to http://www.online.police.uk/english/default.asp

If you need to report any crime you MUST call Hackney Borough Control room on 020 7739 1212. This is so the calls are logged correctly.



Did you know De Beauvoir is covered by an innovative Safer Neighbourhoods office in Orsman Road providing a co-ordinated multi-agency approach to tackling crime, fear of crime, anti-social behaviour and environmental crime?

Owned by Shoreditch Trust and operated as a partnership between London Borough of Hackney, the Metropolitan Police and Shoreditch Trust, the Orsman Road office was the first of its kind in the country.

If you have problems on these matters, they welcome your call.

For the Met, it is staffed by:

Sgt Shaju Bhaskaran

PC Adam Rowe

PC Steve Cahill

There are also two CSO's

12 Orsman Road, London N1 5QJ.

Tel: 020 7161 9236 (but still dial 999 for urgent calls)

The team's newsletter (October 2008)

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Contact phone numbers

As a starting point, those attending the meeting requested an easy reference list of police phone numbers for us to use in order to report crimes or to discuss issues relating to crime.

The first port of call for emergencies or ‘crimes in progress’ is still 999.

The SNT will be working 8-hour shifts from Monday to Saturday and can be contacted on 07879 435 146. This mobile number should be available when the Team is out of the office.

020 8721 2936 (Moblex, dual-purpose mobile) This is a second mobile phone number for contacting the De Beauvoir SNT, but you will only be charged a land-line rate.

020 7275 3686 – SNT office at Shoreditch Police Station. This is the number to use at other times, except for emergencies when you should always dial 999. This number will be answered only when there is someone in the SNT office.

020 7275 3121 LBH 24-hour control room for non-urgent matters. For a crime to be correctly logged, it has to go through the control room computer system. If you try and report crimes directly to the SNT mobile, the system gets a bit confused. The SNT will be passed on details of anything that should be brought to their attention after it has been reported to the control room.