Our beautiful area is roughly rectangular, bounded by Balls Pond Road to the north, the Regent’s Canal to the south, Kingsland Road to the east and Southgate Road to the west.


With its attractive, wide Victorian streets, good-sized gardens and traffic-calming road closures, De Beauvoir was saved from demolition in the 1970s by the De Beauvoir Association.


Once the fight was over, the DBA went into abeyance but we re-established ourselves in 2004, when people started to voice concerns about a number important new issues.


Today’s DBA aims to be as inclusive as possible, with an open membership and a committee that’s elected at our autumn AGM. We’ve got around 650 email subscribers, 640 Twitter followers and 127 followers on Facebook. You can sign up to receive our weekly emailed news here.


You may have had a copy of our lively and informative newsletter through your door.
We deliver this to over 4000 homes in the area, three times a year. It is currently paid for by sponsorship.


And you may also have been to one of our many social events, notably our Christmas Fair (we donate the profits from this to charity) and our summer Party in the Park, held in the gardens
of De Beauvoir Square.


In 2017, for the first time, we set up our De Beauvoir Young People’s Community Fund and proudly donated over £5000 of our Party in the Park profits to a couple of carefully chosen youth projects. We plan to repeat this as soon as we have more money available.