My name is George. I'm a butcher/charcutier and was previously a fishmonger and cheesemonger.

I also source and prepare MSC-certified fresh fish and shellfish, and work closely with London cheesemongers, selling their range of European cheeses. 

George Jephson


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My main love is making traditional French charcuterie, which I produce each week using skills I have gained over the last 15 years. 


I make my charcuterie by sourcing, hand-selecting, ageing and preparing British meat from farmers who practice regenerative, low-impact farming, and who understand that the highest standards of animal welfare produce the best-quality meat.  

I offer a food delivery service and work alone to ensure everything I send out has passed my own rigorous standards.

The DBA’s inclusion of a seller as part of its online Christmas Fair 2020 does not constitute its endorsement of the goods or services provided. Arrangements for the sale of goods and services are between the seller and the customer and the DBA plays no part in this.