Hilary Roper

Limited-edition prints of Hilary's illustrations, painted using designer's gouache. Many of these prints are illustrations from Hilary's children's books.   


Oil paintings on canvas of nature and landscapes.  
Hardback children’s treasure books illustrated by hand. 

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Hilary is a northern artist, born in the village of Hutton, Lancashire.  She trained at Lancaster College of Art and Design, Leeds University (Bretton Hall) and Edinburgh College of Art and Design.


Hilary is a published author and illustrator of children’s books: ‘Macfaddion’s Finest Hour’, ‘Surtsey the Cat’ and ‘Sashka the Snow Princess and all the Creatures of the Frozen North’.

Hilary’s first book, 'Macfaddion's Finest Hour' was published in 1990. This set of illustrations was exhibited by the National Trust at Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire and was valued highly by Sothebys.   

Hilary paints jewel-like colours and highly detailed, textural patterning. Hilary ‘tempts animation through her characters, draws chaos in her patterning, charisma in her rationale, empathy in her stories and humour in her illustrations.’
The Guardian

As well as having written and illustrated children’s books, Hilary has taught Art and English up to
A- Level and has lectured. She has recently written 1300 fairy tales for Buttercup Publishing.

Hilary’s limited-edition prints in designer’s gouache paint and her vibrant landscapes in oil paint on canvas are exquisite.


Hilary is married with two children and two grandchildren. She works from her home studio in Yorkshire.

Contact Hilary

E:   hilaryroper@hotmail.com

T:   07428 773 772

H:   @hilaryroper

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