Bibba London

I am a De Beauvoir resident who makes jewellery inspired by the beauty and diversity of nature.  


In my Etsy online shop, I sell a selection of special-occasion custom-made rings and ready-to-wear rings, as well as pendants and earrings. Perfect for the discerning buyer.

I use precious and semi-precious stones purchased from ethical sellers.  


I mainly work with raw, unpolished stones as their natural forms and colours remind me of their origin. This goes hand-in-hand with my philosophy that raw stones are more friendly to us and our environment.

Bibba London


T:   07886 018 297

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The DBA’s inclusion of a seller as part of its online Christmas Fair 2020 does not constitute its endorsement of the goods or services provided. Arrangements for the sale of goods and services are between the seller and the customer and the DBA plays no part in this.