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Simply Parkinson’s: words of wisdom from a neighbour

The author and illustrator, John Duncan, a De Beauvoir resident, suffers from Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and has written and illustrated a new book, Simply Parkinson’s. The book has been very favourably received.

If you suffer from PD, or are a carer, relative, friend or colleague of someone that does, then John’s book will give you clear and concise information about this complex neurological condition. He explains the disease with understanding, drawing on his own experience and knowledge. His helpful description of the various stages, symptoms and treatment of the disease doesn’t shy away from the challenges of the illness, but also offers coping mechanisms and light touches of humour, including his witty and poignant illustrations.

PD impacts on the lives of many but is understood by very few. This book helps to make a difficult and distressing illness easier to comprehend, and offers comfort and advice from someone who truly understands what sufferers and their loved ones are experiencing.

Simply Parkinson’s is available on line from Amazon and major booksellers for just £5.

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